About Us

Who we are?

When we set out to build Livecamster, we did so with a single objective in mind: to provide users with a comprehensive review of a live cam website as well as an opinion that can be relied upon. When we were looking for people to fill out our team, we discovered individuals who had substantial experience connecting with live performers across a variety of platforms. They are aware of what to search for, the features that consumers desire, the many types of webcam performers a site has, and the reasons why someone should (or shouldn’t) join a site.

How we make the reviews?

Livecamster is not like other review websites that merely provide you with a superficial overview of the cam experience. When it comes to searching for and evaluating live chat services, we follow a very specific procedure that is highly in-depth. After locating a fresh website, we invest a significant amount of time and effort into developing it. We sign up for membership, we have conversations with the artists, we try out every function, and then we describe everything to you in great depth, focusing on what makes it special and why it’s worth your time

What sites we review?

The world wide web is littered with thousands of live cam sites, but here at Livecamster, we’ll only recommend the best of the best. In addition, we seek out sites that cater to specialized audiences.

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